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Being attacked for being different is something that I will never understand. If we were all meant to be the same and love and hate the same, then why are there so many humans? Why not just have one?


When Is It Too Old To Dream Wild?

My Mundane Stories

As kids dreaming wild is always part of the package. Anything and everything was wild and possible. No task was too menial. We dreamed of being the silliest things just out of pure thoughts behind it. I once wanted to be a traffic police officer because I hated the way people drived in my city. I wanted to be a fashion designer because I had just learned how to draw human figures in school. I wanted to be a lawyer because it just looked fun. I wanted to be an astronaut because I loved the view that came with it. I wanted to be a writer for a magazine because it looked cool in a tv show I used to love. I wanted to be an actor because that way, I really could be it all. 

But when asked I always stuck to my safe zone of interior design. People expected a single answer every time because that is what showed some focus. And I for and long time thought so too. So, I let myself believe it and hid all my other wild ideas within me. But unlike many people, my changing career ideas still remain with me. Somehow I never got the memo that at a certain point you have got to focus on a single career and grow in it. When did it become okay to be singular? Does adulthood mean monogamy in career? 

Change is the one constant thing in our life. Our body, our friends, our environment, ourselves,  all of it and everything is constantly under transformation. One after the other. Though I admire and appreciate the people who have a single career path and flourish in it, I for one personally find it too stagnant for myself.  Or maybe I haven’t yet found my one true love. Or that is what others tell me.

Maybe there are many more out there who feel the same but are hiding it better than me. Maybe none of us are really in monogamy. We sure do choose to earn in one way but our life is more than that. We can be an artist and a business person.  We can be a lawyer and a swimmer. We can be a writer and a botanist. And many more ands. We don’t need to focus on jsut excelling on one thing and forget all our other wild dreams. Maybe we can just learn to enjoy it all. Maybe we can finally have it and all instead of having just that one. 

Monogamy is probably best left in relationships. 

Art In Fashion

Design Journal

Art has been around longer than we have. It is the energy that feeds our curiosity, imagination and will to dream. And these are just listing the few. 

We wanted to move faster, which was a mad imagination to begin with. Which later developed in curiosity and later manifested into reality through design and resulted us have wheels. Art has been engraved into us and many aren’t even aware of it. The invention of wheels is just a small example but it is an invention that has developed to engineer so much.

Art is the collaboration and integration of ideas. Everyone is an artist in their own way. And the art that we wear is fashion. Fashion is a form of art that we use to express our ideology by clothes. Many don’t realise how much of it represents who we are. The fashion fanatics express it by wearing the trendiest outfits to show their love, the music fanatics put on their favourite band t-shirt,  a sport fanatic puts on their favourite jersey, and so on and on.

Fashion is our personal way of showcasing what we feel open and comfortable about. Here are some examples of people around us who have taken this into another level.

Yayoi Kusama

A Japanese artist who becomes a part of her work through Fashion.

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She expressed herself not only through painting or installations but also through what she chose to wore in public.

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She collaborated with well known brands like Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs, and public figures.

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Her art is an exhibition of her anxiety and prespective of the world. And she is most definitely not shy to show it off on all fronts.

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Colleen Darnell 

A archaeologist who likes to play the part. Colleen Darnell believes that through her vintage fashion she can be closer to understanding what she archives. 

It is more than a dress up game but a part of who she is. Mostly inspired by 1920’s, her work clothes are never just any work outfit.

 Fitting into something trendy is not what is in her mind. But it sure looks like she will bring all that class back into the fashion world. 

Her passion for her work is seen in her fashion. She is bold and poised about her selection. (Click to be directed to her video)

Elizabeth Sweetheart 

Famously known as The Green Lady, Elizabeth Sweetheart from Brooklyn surrounds herself with the colour green.

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Her simple answer to a very repeating question of ‘why?’ is just that she loves the colour green.

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How often do we let ourselves do that anymore? Just surround ourselves with absolutely everything that we love. 
Ranveer Singh 

In a generation where women dressing as men has become more acceptable than ever we still struggle onot email visa versa scenario. This actor shows the world how unified fashion can be with a burst of energy and confidence. 

Fashion is an Art of expression. These four out of many humans in this world are just examples of that. They used fashion to show the world their true colours. Many use to hide the same. 

The beauty in art is that there is no right and wrong. What is trendy today may not be tomorrow. There is no harm in following a trend but to let it engulf who you are is something that needs to be though about. It is a medium of communication. Communicate.

Has Our Virtual World Become Our New Reality? 

My Mundane Stories

Last night, I found myself watching a beautiful film on the television. Though it wasn’t just the script or the actors or the direction or anything as such that captivated me, but the thoughts that it invoked in me. It made me question our own reality and how we’d be remembered as history.

The film is focused on two art historians (as I understand) who follow a path of exploration. The exploration of an unheard forbidden love between two 19th century poets. They trace the steps of their love through the secret letters they corresponded with; which got me thinking, what it would be like if someone traced my steps.

We are so engulfed in the digital world today that we would be traced by the memes we shared, or the the selfies we posted or the videos we made. We have put ourselves out there leaving very little mystery.

Though the fact is there is still mystery is us. There is a lot we don’t publicly share.  But we have put so much on show that a couple of centuries later we would have left no seeming mystery to the historians in the future. It is all recorded on the vast digital platform. That is, no lost journals or letters.

Their path and reason for exploration would be different. But what are we truly leaving behind? Though the correspondence between the lovers were a secret they did leave breadcrumbs in their known poetry. What are we leaving? What is the story that we are building? What questions would we awaken in the 23rd century?

Is the beauty in secrecy and mystery lost on us? 

Why I Left My Dream Job

My Mundane Stories

Everybody has that one dream job in mind. A job when and if you land you know you’d be the happiest person in the world. Everything will finally fall into place and you’d finally feel content. If it is not a job it is probably a person or a place. There is always that point in our head which we know would be our point of joy. The point of high you’d never have a low point again. 

But unfortunately not everyone are lucky to have that point. Or when they reach it, it just doesn’t feel as right as you thought it would. I was in such a sticky mess. 
This was a job that I had dreamed of. Or rather the first dream stepping stone to that big job in mind. It was perfect. It was on paper the perfect job for me. The one I wanted. But it wasn’t all that I imagined. 

I worked for over 12 hours every day for 7 days a week. Though I never had a problem with that. What I had problem with was feeling useless. I managed to get only few days in my four months there when I actually felt useful or significant. Other times I felt like the lost kid brought into my parent’s workplace. And that wasn’t exactly a happy feeling. Though the occasional real work days made it all go away. I felt on top of the world at the end of those days.

But then came all way time where we had a break in our schedule and I wasn’t called in for a month.  I surprisingly still got paid for the month. But that month made me realise that the past 3 to 4 months have just been me getting paid to be present somewhere. And I didn’t like the sound of that.  Many envied that and wanted to get paid for nothing but I found it to be sad. 

I wasn’t exactly learning anything or growing in my skills. Though it felt great to be present on work. But I was just an ordinary spectator and never part of the team.  Maybe it was because I was new, but it just wasn’t a good feeling. After that one month break I finally called quits on it.

As I write this I miss my time there. But I also realise that it wasn’t a good place for me. It is like one of those boyfriends who you miss and still love but you know that they weren’t good for you. Even like drugs or alcohol, they were fun and nd you maybe miss them but they very obviously aren’t good for you. 

It was my dream job but not all dreams are good for you.